Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Diceshoponline or dicerippeopleoffonline.

I ordered some dice from dices shop online. (Not a big order but sufficient )I'd be happy but I never received the order and the supplier does not want to respond to me at all.So I used the power of social media and sent them a message via facebook which wasn't replied to. so I posted on their page, that must have got a reaction as they deleted the post and removed my ability to comment or send them messages. Silly buggers as I have two facebook account so highlighted this to them in another message.  I'm quite a reasonable person, if a supplier said to me "oh dear" or "bugger it got lost" I actually wouldn't mind and would write it off  but when I get no response to anything it just feeds my motivation to get an answer. Their weak attempt to stop me asking about my order probably wasn't their greatest move. The value of the order is insignificant , its the principle of the matter ! However they still have an obligation regarding "our contract" and that isn't settled under I receive the goods or get a refund.

I'm guessing they have gone "He's in NZ he cant do anything" but alas for them as a citizen of the UK and my plan to return sometime this year for a holiday I'm not letting them away with that. Neither is my cousin in the UK whom has is legal sights set on them so I'm sure going to enjoy this !

My camera has also been damaged as the power cuts out (the batteries are fine) so I'm waiting a while to get some photos of it to show what I have been doing. I did manage to start an entertaining game last night with Archduke Piccolo so hopefully he will post some pictures up.

I am off to Aussie next week which should be good fun and am looking forward to a trip to Melbourne in March where I get to visit Eureka Miniatures and get some more Ab figures.



Bluebear Jeff said...

Your problem is probably different, but . . .

I have a digital camera with a similar problem . . . and what I discovered was that the battery "door" had loosened . . . and if I put extra pressure on it, the camera worked just fine.

It was awkward, but it worked.

This probably won't help you, but maybe it will. Good luck, sir.

-- Jeff

Jacko said...

I'll give that a try Jeff. I haven't really had a good look at it but I really should do soon. Thanks again.

Archduke Piccolo said...

Some people you wonder why they are in business at all. 'I'm here to make a profit, not make friends.' is my favorite line of theirs. With that attitude such berks wonder why no one will help them as their ... erm ... enterprise hurtles down the toilet.

Treat your customer badly and he'll look elsewhere. If there isn't an elsewhere, maybe he'll create one. Not even a monopoly can forever survive a poor marketing attitude.

'Sell the sizzle, not the steak!' is another favorite. Stupid clod didn't seem to realise the sizzle doesn't need selling; that's what sells the steak. And if the steak don't stack up to the sizzle, you gonna have a lot of surplus steaks cluttering up your freezer as word gets around.

Your 'Dice-Ripoffs-R-Us' crowd seems to embody every negative entrepreneurial stereotype: out of touch with his custom; out for profit, to hell with the customer; and ignoring the power available to a pissed off customer to extract alternative redresses.