Saturday, January 21, 2012

Repainting and Rebasing 25mm Napoloenic French

I am trudging along with repainting\rebasing my 28mm Napoleonics after the Feb quake stuffed then up good and proper. I have finished the First Heavy Cavalry unit and decided to do three units at once (Well four figures at a time).

Below is my first every lead regiment - a 25mm Hotspur French Line unit. In the throes of being repainted and some new recruits (Off that purveyor of old classic - Richard Shield)  to make almost 2 units. These guys are pure 25mm, the used to be sold by Military Miniatures and after the Designer died (In a car crash so I was told) the Hotspur line trickled away. Battleline Minis sell the medieval range but the Napoleonic molds are gone forever, I for one would certainly love to get my hands on them as the small range is quite neat. God knows why, next to 28mm they look like Hobbits but sentimental attachment is overwhelming.


I also bought some wire hand made trees from some chaps in Hong Kong, so I am basing them on foamboard and plan to use them as Orchard trees for 15mm (Or massive trees in 6mm). They are excellent trees and far easier to deal with than Woodland Scenics tree kits


Rodger said...

All good stuff Paul. Those trees look real nice! Good luck with the re-basing.

Stacky said...


I can sympathize with you regarding having to fix up casualties from earthquakes. I'm still repairing units from the first shake of 2010 which brought down two glass display cabinets in my games room. My 28mm Napoleonics and AWI stuff is nearly all done but the ACW troops and Medievals will have to wait. The replacement cabinets are now firmly secured to the wall.

Jacko said...

Yes it certaily was a "bugger" !. But now I'm fixing them I have more motivation to finis the others I have.

Alas so many lead figures only one me !