Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Fletchers about to ruin my fun !

The above (Flashy) picture shows the hordes of Fletcher's painting,piling,bricklaying and plumbing goblins appear on the horizon ready to drive me away from my village for........one to 5 weeks.( The large troll is the project manager about to stomp on a wayward goblin !).
Yes, I can scarcely believe it myself. Fletcher Building will repair our quake damaged home starting in three weeks time.No more blue tarp on the roof and walls, no more plywood window frames and wonky house ! (unless of course they do a crap job) However, it means packing up everything and I wont be painting in that time as we are staying in a motel unit in Redwood. So now I'm in a mad rush to finish what I am doing, pack it away nicely and move.

So to get the mad rush rolling I started to base all those figures I have done in the last wee while. Mostly 15mm Napoleonic Prussians and French|Poles. I have applied my sand "base" which will then be painted earthy tones, dry brushed and then flocked with static grass and other flora.( It was also a reminder that my Cav units are missing Standards). AB French Cuirrassiers in the front followed by Old Glory Prussian Landwher lancers.

Below is a close up of the 15mm troops -  Poles (Front), Prussian Landwher(Middle) (Both Old Glory), Horse Artillery (rear - minifigs) and Westfalian Hussars (Left - Lancashire Games). My 15mm flags are all from Flags for AB's and they are quite nice.

Another 4 6mm Union Regiments for the meat grinder, I think I have done 14 so far so a handy force to game with already.

I have found my Box of 28mm Russians and Prussians and have started to re base them (As they had no damage from Mr Shakey), in that box I found 16 unpainted Russian Artillery and 1 6pdr horse gun. I then realised I buggered up the order so I needed to get some more artillery pieces so I have found the Esci guard Artillery 12pdrs actually fit in quite well. So I have started to paint them in Russian colours and I have the base colours done before wash and highlights. Behind the guns are my Old Glory crewmen of which all I need to do is some shading on the black bits and the odd touch up.

A bad shot my some of the crewmen. The last green highlight really brought the figures to life, thought they look better to the eye than the photo so once I finish the other highlights they should be good to go.
So what will I do for 4 or 5 weeks, hopefully get some game time in as I will be a lot closer to my work and some other gamers I know.

Cheers !


Rodger said...

Like your desription of Fletchers Paul. Glad to hear your house is getting sorted though. Nice work on the troops there too.

Archduke Piccolo said...

It's all a bit chaotic, ain't it. We have dudes around here this week replacing our fireplace and chimney with a log burner. A bit messy, and things are up in the air, but at least we don't have to move. Not this time anyhow.

I'm impressed with the progress you're making, Paul, especially those 6mm ACW fellows. They're looking particularly fine. One of these days, when things settle down a bit, you might get a chance to wargame with something...

All the best -

Jacko said...

Thanks, the above pics are actually the last 6 weeks worth of work all layed out.