Tuesday, January 17, 2012

20mm Command Decision WW2

Happy New Year to everyone. I have been very busy recently painting, just haven't been too fussed about taking photos as well as I seem to struggle to take pictures late at night. So a day off today on "Daddy day care" so I took some pictures in the sun (And still struggled due to Arabella trying to grab everything).

I have drafted 5 blog posts on the other projects I have going so I can add more detail as to what I'm doing instead of having one mega post. Todays post is 20mm WW2 !

The above figures are A Company, 1st Battalion Royal Fusiliers,  5th Indian Brigade, 4th Indian Division.
(My grandfather's unit)

One of my favourite periods, and such a good source of memories from my teenage days fighting Ion - Desert WW2 British, Italian and German (....and Japanese).  Below are some platoons of115 Shutzen Regiment, 15th Panzer Division. A mix of Airfix and Italeri DAK figures.

I am painting a company at a time of each country, just to make it varied and interesting aswell and so far it has been fun.Painting plastic 1/72 figures brings back such memories, being 13 or14 watching the World Series Cricket on TV3 while painting ww2 (And most likely high as a kite on the fumes from Humbrol Enamel paints). In the garage I have a large box full of ww2 models (Made and unmade), figures and resin vehicles and I plan to have 5 "Armies" so I will make a company at a time, I have no fixed deadline, but as 1/72 paint quite easily I'll just plug away at them. So on a tray I have - 1 company each of Germans, British, Japanese and Italian and I'll just work my way up.

The Forces

1941 8th Army (4th Indian Division)- Airfix and SHQ Infantry and a mix of Resin and plastic Vehicles.
D.A.K (115 Sch├╝tzen Regiment and 1/8 Panzer Bn, 15th Panzer Division 1941. - Airfix, Italeri infantry and all plastic vehicles.
1941 Italian - (60th Infantry Division Sabratha)-Airfix, SHQ and Waterloo Infantry and Resin vehicles
Japanese - I have tonnes of them for some reason so what the hell ! I do have some Americans somewhere, but I've never been to fussed on painting Americans for some reason.

Below some Japanese infantry of the Saipan Defense Force.



Rodger said...

Very nice work Paul. Happy New Year to you and your family. Lets hope this year is a little less rocky.

Jacko said...

Thanks and same to you. Im only starting to repair the nappies broken in the Feb quake so I hope we dont get anymore.

Uncle Brian said...

Nice looking troops - painting up a company at a time is a great idea! what size bases are you using for your CD forces, or are the ones pictured only temporary?

Kind regards,