Wednesday, January 18, 2012

15mm Fantasy

And so another project takes flight from the deep caverns of my demented "ohh ohh shiny" wargamers mind. I have a tonne of 15mm Fantasy figures that I plan to do some solo gaming with for RallyRoundTheKing and Warrior Heroes.

I have a number of Dwarves, Elves, Goblins, Humans and various beasts  to game with (All in 15mm) and I have some good solo games\ideas to come up with.  My games will follow the Fantasy World that the Warrior Heroes\RRTK rules are set in, Talomir. One of the nations is the Border Kingdoms, the human realm that holds back the Green Horde (Orcs and Gobbos). The nation is modeled on Feudal France so the forces I will use are a mix of Saxon and Normans.  My small campaign will only focus on a small part of Talomir, those parts I have forces for, at the moment I am just working out the campiagn hook and some other rules.

So to begin with I purchased some Splintered Light Saxons (and Romano British) and I have glued some shields on below. Not bad figures though there is a marked difference in the size of the RomanoBrits (on the right) and the Saxons (The two on the left). Either it wasnt a good year height wise for the Saxons or the two ranges are different - So Ill make the Romano's champion or Kings Guard figures given their beefy size.

Below is a Alternative Armies 15mm Troll, a nice figure and not the Peter Jackson Hollywood style.

Below is my statue figure, a 25mm Grenadier Elf but I though I'd paint him grey and use him as a Scenery piece for my tabletop.

The large scales games are small enough for the kitchen table and the armies are sort of HOT\DBA style armies so it seems very easy to pick up. The greatest asset of the rules is that they are designed for solo play and have a large number of guides and tables for determining non player actions. I plan to use these for my Talomir Fantasy Campaign just to generate some random battles.

As I am also a bit of a Tolkien fan I've picked up a 25mm baby Dragon to do some Lonely Mountain skirmish games. (The 15mm figure is simply to show the scale though I wonder how my 18th Century lads would take on a dragon)

I might have to sell the rest of these ww2 28mm figures to make room for this all !

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the silver looking ones are awesome! :)