Monday, September 12, 2011



The Rugby World cup has started so my time has been slashed as I'm watching all the games and only focusing on getting my Mabutu figures setup. I have completed the British forces for the first skirmish, and the Zulus and Ansars have arrived for the natives so I am currently painting some Mahdists to act as Mbeechi while the Zulus will stand in for angry Mabutans. I'll do another Mabutu Diary update tomorrow and then next week I should be able to fight the first skirmish. I was going to use Sharp practice for the rules but I ahve migrated to TS&TF Africa variant as I think that reflects things a little better.

I have also been picing up various terrain pieces from around the world. Why pay $30 for 3 palm trees in NZ when I can buy 40 for $10 from Hong Kong on ebay as well as using Fish tank grass as jungle bushes. At the end of the day it will all look a little "plastic" but Im not fussed as it will be on the kitchen table anyway. I have completed the pallisade wall in case the natives get a bit rowdy at the garrison.

Thats all for today :)

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Rodger said...

Enjoy the rugby Paul. Go the AB's. Looking forward to the photos of the first skirmish.