Monday, September 5, 2011


So what has been happening since last week ? A lot. I've been busy painting figures for my Mabutu solo campaign. tidying up some loose ends and waiting the verdict of the EQC. I recently acquired a tonne of Old Glory 15mm Prussians and I grabbed the Landwher out to give them a try. I have base coated the figures and am currently about to do some tidy up and highlighting. I quite like them, which is good as I have 8 battalions to complete, however this is a long term project and not something I need to complete in the next 6 months at least.

 I also grabbed a Polish officer to see how he ended up looking, I have 2 units to paint and I have them "earmarked" as next on the list. I have never painted Poles before and am quite looking forward to it, hopefully I will do them justice.

  And I have finally completed two units, and even made an attempt as basing them with some shading. I have had Old Glory Guard Chassuers in a bag for an age now and I decided to paint up one unit after doing the refight at Waterloo in June. And here is the finished product, a lot I can improve upon but I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed painting these figures up in their Fantastic uniforms. I will probably never get to use them, but I just could not resist., however I do have another 36 of them who will all become Hussars of some type.

At the same time I was working on the Chassuers, I also started the 2nd Hussars (AB Figures). I have always been shy of hussars so I thought I'd give them a go  and I am pleased with them but they need some varnish and an odd touch up (I dont know what it is but when I go to take photos I seem to drop every figure I touch). Again I am happy with my work, though a lot of lacing is horrible for me and this I need to practice on.

Next on the list of french are the 6th lancers, AB figures again and very very very tasty looking figures. Im quite happy that I had a little purchase in June, and excited at the fact I still have another 4 AB Cavalry units to complete (Dragoons, Cuirrassiers, Horse Grenadiers and Carabiniers). Currently they are undercoated and ready for smoe decent painting.


Mabutu Figures.

My solo campaign is underway slowly due to the need to paint the figures, I thought I'd do the first few moves slowly so that I have time to paint the natives. Any day now I should recieve an order that contains a horde of Zulu and Dervishes and once they arrive its full steam ahead.

Below is my Jaxonian engineer and the two cooks (African skins tones arent my best in 28mm, let alone 15mm). 15mm Peter Pig figures (Engineer is a "Govt Captain" from pirates range and Workers are AWI ranges) and based on plastic counters from Whitcoulls (3 dollars for 50 lol).

 Below are my old 7YW British I painted in 2000. I lived a stones throw away from Essex miniatures and used to pop down on the odd day, have a pub lunch, pint and purchase ;). These figures will take the roll as my Jaxonians (Less the Colours). Below is a selection of the men who will soon be up to thier eyes in sharp pointy sticks.
 Next are the 15mm Peter Pig Pirates. I bought these as I want to run some smuggler games and for them to fill in as Spanish Guerrillas in the Campaign if needed. They will also fill the role of White Slavers\Settlers in the Mabutu actions. I really like the figures, which is good as I have 50 of them, a good mix of Cutlass, pistols, Muskets and "mob" weapons.


Rodger said...

So, not all that much to then Paul! The Guard Chassuers and the Hussars look really nice mate. The basing is looking great too.

Archduke Piccolo said...

You have been busy! Like the look of those French cavalry. You know, the thought occurs that maybe the Summer of 1816 campaign might be a goer...