Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Mid Sept.

Currently I am focusing on my Mabutu campaign, and I have just completed my first skirmish which I will post to the Mabutu Blog, I then rolled the events dice and have another skirmish to resolve, albeit a little smaller but at least now I have everything ready.

As part of this I am painting a variety of 15mm Figures (Zulus, Ansars etc) for the campaign but also as I want to do a solo Sudan fight later in the year. I'm quite enjoying the 15mm side of things, easy to pack away, fits on the kitchen table OK and fits the rules OK (For TS&TF I use cm instead of inches) and plan to do some more when I get the time.

I was in the garage and started to sort out my 28mm Napoleonic, they have remained in a big heap since the earthquake and I felt motivated enough to put them back in the boxes and set a plan for repairing them. The Allies survived, but the French had a torrid time as the ended up upside down and all manner of broken bases and bayonets. So I have decided to take one unit out at a time, retouch them paint wise and to re base them (as a lot of come off bases) in some consistent manner. So I then found the first 4 lead units I ever purchased, 2 Front Rank Dragoon, 1 FR Cuirassier and 1 Hotspur Chasseur and its odd that I have never completed the Front Rank figures in 18 years, most are painted but the horses never were. So I pulled out the Cuirassiers and will tidy them up first, hopefully some pictures to come.



Rodger said...

Well, you know I like Front Rank so looking forward to some photos.

Jacko said...

Hi, I started on 2 figures to begin with and they are such a magnificent figure to touch up, let alone paint. Half of my figures are FR and I need to redo 36 cav,200 infantry so it should be fun. Pics to come.