Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Cuirassiers +3

So in my last update I decided to repaint some broken 28mm French Cuiraissiers that are 18 years old, I started by giving them a black wash and used the officer figure to test my "repair. When I was doing this I thought it would be a great idea to fix my other 25mm Westphalian Cuirassier unit (The 1st)(Redoubt) AND paint some 15mm AB Cuirassiers, aswell as finish some AB lancers at the same time. Below are the FR boys, washed and some darker shading done, so far have done faces and the red areas - great figures to paint.

The 25mm Redoubt figures, they are ugly but I am fond of them as I got them in a sale of a Store that closed down and I do like the White uniforms. Horrible to paint, poor castings but usually they scrub up well. im also doing my French ADC's (as I found them in the box)

 After these are done, the next units to hit the repair line are all  the Dragoons, 2 FR units, 1 1/4 painted Perry plastic Dragoons, 1 AB Dragoon unit. The the Westphalian Line infantry (2 units)  and 2 Jaeger. After that the French should be semi back to normal.

The current madness of the painting tray, it really is a mess at the moment, AB Cuirassiers being painted (Shading and some red done), surrounded by all manner of figures, Landwher, SYW Brits, M3 Shermans and some Mahdists.

 The AB lancers are coming along just nicely, the zulus behind them are turning into a bit of a train wreck, I cant simply get the shields right.

So you'd think I have enough to do already as I have the following unpainted figures
i) About a 600 15mm Prussians, 300 15mm french, 100 28mm Russians, 300 28mm Prussians, 150 28mm British aswell as finish my Mahdists for mabutuland aswell as 1/72 ACW, 1/72 SYW and (somewhere 1/72nd ww2 8th Army).

Last friday I swore that the 15mm British Sudan figures would be my last army to buy and that I had everything I need for all other periods. However after a conversation with a mate in the Bealey Ave median strip at about 11pm on Saturday night, followed by a beer at the Casino I now have a 6mm ACW union army winging its way to me from baccus, my second Baccus 6mm Army in one year, as I sold the last ones (unopened) seeing that I had it for a year and never touched it. But this time things are looking up for 6mm :)

I need a bigger house !


Rodger said...

So, not much to do then!!! Looking forward to seeing the 28's all painted up.Love those FR boys! Good luck with Zulus. I started the year by painting about 250 15mm Zulus that I bought about 10 years ago! I really don't want to paint any more 15mm. As for 6mm, I have trouble just seeing them let alone trying to paint them. Good luck with them too.

Galpy said...

looks like you have a lot on your hands i'm not doing a lot of 15mm these days butAB figures are the best