Sunday, July 18, 2010

Weekend Works

A weekend of some activity as Ion and I may have a game coming up this week. Arabella is teething and her grumpy times seem to be just as I sit down to do something - such is life.

Currently I am mounting and basing some Russian Dragoons, and tidying up the basing of my existing Russian and Prussian forces (Going to double bases). I am also adding some new Standards to some units and those half painted ones that I ahve the command completed for.

Due to poorlighting, dead camera and the kitchen bench covered in dishes,slowcookers and other "hobby" paraphenalia I will show some older pictures instead.

My painting "area" - which is the dinner table. When I paint I need to get everything from the cupboard and set it all up, then at the end of the night put it all away (Arabellas high chair sneakily became a storage area while this goes on). Once we move to a bigger house I plan to have a more dedicated area where I have more space and dont have to move everything.

Of the CSA forces I have done some infantry regiments and some artillerymen (All 1/72 Italeri), I'll finish a few more infantry units before I do the Cavalry. Below are some Gunners (and those in the background), I quite like the mix of gray and red and all I need to do now is finish the guns.(The black fellows are an undercoated infanrty unit)

And finally an infantry unit to be based. When I undercoated the  figures I had the brainwave of basing them first. I really dont know why I did that as I just had to take them off to paint. Not as much detail painted on the 1/72s as I find 3 layers is too much for them, so I just run 2 layers.

After I get my Allies sorted I will finish the ww2 28mm  Russians (yes Hayden !) and get some pics up - I have about 30 Russians, 1 76.2mm AT gun, some mortars and some HMG's. I also need to finish the PzIV, the germans and the French !

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