Thursday, July 22, 2010

Grosshuntersdorf 1813

Ion and I continued the loose campaign we had going that is a flow on from previous games. After my reverse at the Falsover River Von Jaxen had retreated and planned a spectacular ambush of the French as they surged towards Berlin. The French were strung out along the road while the Allied entered from the South, and while outnumbered,  the Allies had hoped that choke points would constrict the French formations and enable them to punch a hole throught the French Centre (With some luck! ). (Below the French Forces march east towards Berlin)

Jager Bn No 3 (With unhistorical Landhwer Standard :)) and the 2nd Silesian Hussars were assigned the task of drawing in as much of the French Left flank as they could.

My Centre and Right Flanks were ordered to push into the French at speed and not stop until "you see the whites of their eyes". The pic below shows the centres ragged line of the 16th Prussian Infantry, Murmansk (Russian) Infantry and the Astrakhan Grenadiers making haste for the French while the Finland Dragoons attenpt to carry the guns, while on the right 21st (Russian) Jager and the 4. 2nd West Prussian Dragoons harried the French Squares.

More action in the centre.

On the left flank the Jager held the French left  , while the 6th Prussian Infantry defended the edge of the woods from 2 French Line marching in disorder. A Legere unit was quickly seen off however a French column struck (A French Column charging through woods in disorder is a sight to see !) and a melee ensued that lasted for 3 turns from memory but the end result was the Prussians simply running out of men.
(pics to come)

In the centre all I needed was some luck and this is where things went wrong ! The Russian Dragoons never made it and the French Artillery exacted 100% casulties each round.  16th Infantry and the Murmansk Infantry stopped after some pounding from the Artillery to leave the Astrakhan Grenadiers to attempt to carry the French line alone. They engaged in short range fire with the French Line and both units suffered badly. I just couldnt get anything to go my way until at the end when it didnt really matter (My morale held though even despite a pasting)

Below is the end result - Prussian Hussars and the Artillery (Quite useless on the day) watch the Allied line bolt past them.

Conclusion - another reverse and my army is sent streaming into the hinterland. Todays game with laced with poor dice rolling on my behalf. My artillery was abysmal, I think the entire game they exacted 3 casualties while Ion's artillery took 7 in the first round of firing. Trying to get superiority of numbers at strike points is also an issue when my units are weaker than the opposition, and I am outnumbered but with some luck I could of have at least punched the French centre.

His army battered  and the French looking forward to Sausage in Berlin - What will Von Jaxen do now ?  He really needed to make contact again with Brigadier Kittenhatz and his Brigade of Landhwer.

[And curse that 12pdr and curse that camera ! Whem my camera decides it has run out of juice it gives you 3 seconds of life left and then turns off. ]

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Archduke Piccolo said...

When it is going well, it takes good pictures, Paul... The scenario wasn't balanced, I acknowledge, but, after the opening exchanges, your lads gave at least as good as they got.

For the next battle in the series, Prinz von Blucher might be able to conjure up a brigade - possibly even a Division - of Landwehr. After two hard-fought battles, Dubonnet's Corps is also looking more than a little worn...