Monday, July 26, 2010

Stock Take

Last night I retrieved my box of Unpainted Allies in order for me to sort out the Landwher and Militia units that I need painting. I’ve found some anomalies in my figures in that I appear to have more units than I have recorded.

I have 3 Russian Old Glory Units painted and I was under the impression that I only had 1 OG Unit to go but I appear to have 2 – that’s always a good sign. So following are my list of Units to paint as well as loose army lists.

Anyway here is a pic. I have an absolute love for Militia troops, I dont know why - I guess its the swagger of masses of ill-trained men marching against trained troops.

Painted – 1/33rd Foot, 2 RHA and 1 RA Bty.
Unpainted - 1 KGL Hussar (Redoubt- half painted), 1/52nd (Old Glory-75% Painted), 1/7th Foot and 2/69th Regiment of Foot (Redoubt), 1/1stnd Foot, 2/2nd Foot(Front Rank), 2/73rd and 1/79th Foot (Cameron Highlanders) 749Highland (Victrix),

Unpainted - 7th (Belgian) Line Regiment, 35th (Belgian) Jaeger , 4th Line (Belgian) (Victrix)

I have mixed up some unit names – When posting on the blog I need to remember to check things first !

Painted – Murmansk Inf Regt,21st Jaeger, Taureda Grenadiers, 3 Horse Artillery, Finland Dragoons, Astrakhan Cuirrassiers
Unpainted – Revel Inf Regt (25% Done), Chernigov Inf Regt, Pavlov Guard (25% Done), Selenguinsk Inf Rgt, 1 Horse Artillery.

Painted - 2nd Silesian Hussars, 2nd West Prussian Dragoons, 2 Foot Bty, 16th Infantry Regt(Carmine), 5th Infantry Regt (Orange), Jaegr No 3, Neumark Landwher Bn No 8, Pomerania Landwher Cavalry no 2

Unpainted 2 Foot Bty, , Reserve Infantry Regiment Nr. 10, 10th Infantry Regt, Pomerania Landhwer Inf No 1, Rhineland (Militia)(50%) Inf, An Unknown Dragoon Unit)

I also remembered that I use my Prussian Jaeger Incorrectly in that;

i) They were armed with Rifles (I have just been treating them as normal muskets)
ii) They were attached to units, so I need to spread mine about a bit
iii) They didn’t have a standard (But I knew that already – I just couldn’t help adding one at the time)
iv)The last battle report had the wrong Unit numbers.

Unpainted - 1 Line (Elite 300% Painted) – I thought I had 3 ?

French Allies
Painted -
Redoubt- 3 Line, 1 Cuir, 2 Lancer
Old Glory- 1 Gren
Front Rank- 6 Line, 2 Dragoon, 1 Cuir
Minifig- 2 Gren\Chassuer
God knows how many guns I have done.

Unpainted -
Redoubt - 1 Lancer
Victrix - 3 line (One is 70% done)
Minifig - 1 Line (25% done)
Perry – 1 Dragoon, 1 Hussar

Yikes ! So quite a varied lot of figures to be done. I am currently painting 8 figures each from 4 nations to keep the interest rolling.

What have I got left you ask ?
28mm WW2 (RoE), 15mm WW2 (A bit aimed at Skirmish games), 20mm WW2 (A tonne), 25mm Sudan (For Skirmish), 15mm Napoleonic, 6mm Napoloenic, 6mm ACW, 1/72 ACW and 1/72 !8th Century aswell as 28mm French and Indian Wars.

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Archduke Piccolo said...

Quite a project! For my battle report of Gross-Huntersdorf I used your nomenclature (though even then I had to correct things after checking the pictures...
We seem to have the same British units - or at least some of them. Although mine is meant to be a Peninsula force, my actual units are Waterloo (owing to flag availability online). Great minds...