Wednesday, July 28, 2010

More painting

Above an Elite Austrian - my first ever Austrian to paint

Todays Musings
So I have formed my Imagination Blog ( called The Principality of Rio) for the formation of my 1710 Imaginary army. Ion already has some troops painted, I have the figures I just need to paint them. So in the Rio blog I shall endeavor to sort out my army list and have a special area for pictures from that regime.

Some painting updates -
I am painting a raft of figures at the moment from different nations and periods. The variety is keeping me entertained and the paints I used are on all figures pretty much.

A single British infantryman from my Indian Wars skirmish set. I think from memory I have about 24 to go and I also vaguely recall these Front Rank figures are 14 years old.

And the single French infantryman I'm painting - from the Orleans Regt. This is a Redoubt figure, quite different from other redoubt figures but very nice. I have about 10 of these, some farmers and about 30 Mohicans to finish. Once they are done I plan to do some skirmish games.

Below - Another Russian unit being added to the Allies - The Revel Regt. Base layers done highlights to go. They look better in real life than they do in that photo and the yellow shoulder straps should give a good bit of colour.

Some dismounted Perry Dragoons of the Italian Guard Dragoons. The pack comes with quite a few which will be quite usefull - Im not sure if for a game or a Viginette......perhaps foraging for some pigs.

Reserve Infantry Regiment Nr. 10 - one of my Prussian reserve units. Bigger tha normal (30 as opposed to 20) but lower quality. I can't wait to have the Prussian milita Brigade in action (90 figures in Battalion mass). My only Lanwher unit ran at the sight of its own shadow in the first game so will be interesting to see how 3 units get on.

And the 1/52nd Foot for my British - Old Glory figures and I quite like them. 30 to a pack though so the leftovers will be converted into Riflemen.

And thats about it for today.


Archduke Piccolo said...

Like me: lots of unfinished projects crying out for ... finishing ... I've already got some ideas for an 18th century war, although my history seems to begin from c.1740, with the expiration of the Emperor Violoncello - or maybe a little before.
However, I did begin a blog series - since suspended - concerning a 'back-history' of Ursaminor, and the climactic battle of Potsalava. This battle pretty much put a term upon the expansionist ambitions of Prince Ursus XII... I'd kinda like to play out that action sometime...
The word verification is 'urraye'. Seems rather appropriate somehow...

Galpy said...

Have to admit it would drive me completely insane to paint so many different types of figures instead of a lot of one type I mean i painted a whole army in 8 days mainly because i p was able to paint lots of one type and work through each group. still its about you not me i still enjoy seeing you minatures a well done with the painting and keep up the great work

Paul (Jacko) said...

When I am just painting for no specific game I just paint a few different periods (That have the same colour). If I prepare for agame then I focus on one lot - Like I will be in the next 2 weeks