Saturday, May 22, 2010

Pictures from last post.

Neopolitan Lancers and French Lancers (Half done) - TTG figures. Below are the 6th Hussars and 23rd Dragoons which are also TTG\BL. the figures are very chunky and casting can be crude but its good practice for when I get to my AB figures.

Below is the painted officer of the Italian Royal Guard and beside him an unpainted figure (as well as a Perry Hussar). The Perry Dragoon figure was such a joy to paint, everything went well and the figures, being plastic are so light. I have a box of Dragoons, Hussars,Line and Highlanders and it feels like its empty compared to the same size box of leads that weights a tonne.
Above - the Officer on his own. Some touchups needed and the horse needs finishing.


Archduke Piccolo said...

These are looking pretty good, Paul! Crude those later castings might bem but they still look fine painted up!

Galpy said...

Nice work on those cav the only thing with chunky casting is they can wreck your brushes but your've done a great job and at least you can look forward to painting those AB's