Friday, May 7, 2010

Friday Night Basing

So I pulled out my Allied cavalry as it occurred to me I only had 1 unit painted (The last game I sneakily substituted some Westphalian\French Cav). So I started the simple task of glueing them to cardboard and I guess I got a little carried away as I have done;

12 Russian Cuirrassiers, 18 Russian Dragoons,16 Prussian Uhlans, 12 Prussian Dragoons,20 Prussian Artillery Crew, 8 Russian Horse Artillery,30Prussian  Landwher,30 Prussian Reserves,20 Prussian Line and 6 Prussian Mounted Generals. So lots of Blue to paint !

And remaining to base\paint are
50 Pavlov Grens,30 Russian Musketeers(Bicorne), 20 Russian Line, 20 Grenadiers,16 Russian Jager,140 British, 12 KGL Hussars, 20 Austrians,36 French Cav and 40 French Infantry (YESH).

Where did all these figures come from ?

Ive also picked up a ready made DBA army - Ancient Britons.


Archduke Piccolo said...

Paul -
Do you have the DBA rule set? I don't - but I do have a DBA Roman army...

Jacko said...

I don't have a ruleset but might see if I can get one. - I also have some romans (If founf when looking for Prussians)