Thursday, June 15, 2017

Note Quite Mechanized Romanians

I am currently firing out stands for the 3rd Romanian Army I plan to use at some point.

The above are infantry, AT gunners, Engineers, Command, Gun Crew, mortars and MMG's.

Archduke and I had a working bee to get it all started and we shall try the rules out at some stage with a very simple scenario. What better reason to burn through the hours getting these chaps ready.

They consist of:
  • HAT Romanians (perfect)
  • A HAT\Armourfast motorcycle for recce.
  • Esci French (Had nothing else to do with them)
  • Italeri Russians in Winter Uniform (Apart from the helmets they look fine)
  • An Airfix French Legionnaire - This figure looks like a soldier with a fur hat.
  • An Esci Boer war soldier - He is kneeling and the helmet looks Romanian.
  • Airfix WW1 guns
  • 1st Armoured shall be some Renault's and a PzIII.
  • Not pictured are the ACW and Napoleonic Limbers I will use for the guns
So not accurate for the rivet counters but I make do I with what I have.

Its also getting me back into the swing of things. Archduke and I were supposed to have another bee a few nights ago but as its winter  we have the usual colds running around which delay things.


paulalba said...

Going great guns jacko!

Archduke Piccolo said...

Looking good. I guess the R17 and PzIII are stand-ins? I recall your mentioning R35s for the Armoured division. At any rate, your progress has been quicker than mine.

All this has got me re-reading 'Lost Victories' (Manstein) and 'Panzer Battles' (Mellinthin), especially the operations NW of Stalingrad, late 1942. Could just about try an operation upon the River Chir between powerful Russian forces, against the Romanian 3rd Army and XLVIII Pz Corps. I gather that for a time the Romanian Armoured Division and 11th Panzer Division were kept together in reserve to deal with breakthroughs as they occurred.

Could be an interesting exercise, but we'll probably need top get some games under the belt before trying on something a bit more ambitious.


Uncle Brian said...

That is a nice looking force! it will be interesting to see the results of your playtest with Ion!

Jacko said...

What better way to start than the Russian front

Chris Kemp said...

Looks good to me - my Romanians are much tattier :O)

Regards, Chris