Wednesday, June 28, 2017

NQM PLay Testing

Archduke Piccilo and I sat down last night to try out the NQM rules so we could make sense of it all.

Some pics from those tests. Dug-in Romanians take on the Soviet Hordes. In these tests the Romanians were always wiped out but they often took a lot of Russians with them.


Archduke Piccolo said...

For some reason, I thought I had taken pictures of our first actions, but if I did, they disappeared into the camera's maw. But the ones with the tank came out OK. I've had a bit of a re-read and a re-think, and we might not have got things so very wrong. I hope. Still thinking about the ground scale for the Army Level game... assuming there IS a difference...

Jacko said...

Great news

Chris Kemp said...

Someone else playing NQM besides me! Excellent! There isn't really such a thing as getting it right or wrong. The guidelines are just a tool to help you refight the action that you want to.

I normally start by looking at the scale of the ground covered by the battle, the table space available, and calculate the groundscale from that.

Good luck, have fun; watching with interest.

Kind regards, Chris.