Monday, April 17, 2017

1/72 progresses

As my foray into the Roman world continues I decided a trip to the Fortress of Knowledge was in order. While the box art on the Romans is good, I have no idea what other troop types should look like so I managed to find this, which is very good for a beginner such as myself.

As per usual, I also left with several science pieces and astrophysics for a little light reading.

The next question will be rules, as these figures are all for skirmish type games finding a good set (out of the sets I have) is the next task.

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Archduke Piccolo said...

Speaking of plastics - I found three 2-figure stands of mamluks that I was using as Croats for my 30YW Imperialist army. They make fairly convincing Turkowaz sipahis...

A nice plastic Roman figure that came with a wargames magazine I bought long, long ago also turned up, still 'mint in pack'. I've put him together, now, and have decided he isn't big enough to be a god for my DBA army, but, compared with the Airfix figures, will stand out enough to be a hero. I'm thinking Horatius 'One-Eye', the guy who saved Rome, and stopped Lars Porsena and false Sextus Tarquinius from crossing Pons Sublicius.