Thursday, April 6, 2017

1/72 Ancients and new books

Motivation has been low recently, and I have even contemplated getting rid of most of the things I have apart from a few genres (I have started this process already)

I was in Sydney and managed to visit Hobbyrama where I found some kits that I picked up.

There are are few boxes of Emhar Viking Warriors

A box of Zvedza Turkish Cavalry

And I also took advantage of the Acorn model sales to pick up 4 boxes of:

These will be part of my 1/72 Skirmish\battle system based on some beer and pretzel type rules.  The Imperial Romans don't fit in that well period wise but Ive always wanted a 1/72 Roman army.

Archduke Piccillo kindly gave me some Mongols which are fitting in quite nicely.

As it was my birthday last week (Which I spent ill in bed) my present from the family was a copy of Tony Bath's "Ancient War-gaming" which is a good book but also includes "Setting Up a Wargames Campaigns" which I already have

And Lionel Tarrs Modern (1939-1945) Wargaming Rules


Chasseur said...

Glad to hear you're better Paul. I've got a bunch of 1/72nd medievals too. I've decided to keep them and eventually do them up on DBX basing to use with whatever ancient rules happen to be the preferred flavour. I've finished 12 figures to add to some 1/72nd fantasy figures I had here:

Archduke Piccolo said...

Speaking of 1/72 mediaevals, I still have my plastic Wars of the Roses armies in the making. Actually 100YW figures, but done as Yorkists and Lancastrians. I still have my DBA Airfix Romans as well.

Some thoughts on my 19th Century Imagi-Nations Ruberia (RED) and Azuria (BLUE), I'm thinking of using the latter also as Turkowaz (TURQUOISE). I'm looking at the ideas of Neil Thomas and Bob Cordery for these games. To Turkowaz them more convincing, I may need to acquire a few stands of Turkish cavalry...

Glad to see you have got over your cold, paul. The travelling and constant changes of clime must really take it out of you.

Jacko said...


Plastic is best !