Tuesday, April 26, 2016

No frills wargaming


The problem I have always had with my solo gaming has been the ill placed wish to have Wargames Illustrated \ Perfect terrain for my solo wargames. It has taken some time but the reality has dawned that I am simply unable to have that type of layout (Let alone the space for a table) or the money to buy all that nice stuff. So I need to scale down my plans, play more and least enjoy it all.

So in an effort to get gaming and not worry about terrain I grabbed an old drafting pad and simply drew things on. I do have trees and buildings and such but my initial plan was just to see how it all looked on paper.

Below are the initial test using some 10mm vehicles (Railway supplies).

Below - President Key's convoy speeds past some parked cars

Paramilitary Police Roadblock
The Defense Forces new T-98 tank donated by President Piccilo, loyal ally.

So after the above I decided to play a game. I found my 15mm zombie box and tried out on of the initial scenarios - "First Contact". Now as zombie games all seem to be set in America I have changed it all to by a local scenario.

Below the map. Two wargamers, Jack and Mark have been at the Woolston club for a Napoleonic Refight and decide to avoid the Clubs "DEEP FRIED" culinary delights and head to a local sandwich shop.  Paul parks his sports car and they head off for a healthy lunch, as the leave they notice too odd looking people. Now unsure if they are simply teenagers submersed in "modern technology" or Mormon missionaries annoying pleasant locals, Paul and Mark don't pay much attention to them.
But  a low groaning sees the two figures shamble towards out two heroes. Still unsure if these are in fact mindless teenagers (Mormons would not shamble and are not dressed in their customary attire) it is only when a few yards away the undead look to them is apparent.

Now as Napoleonic gamers have giant brains (Need to remember all that lace and plume) the zombies charge for a hearty feast and the lads, cool as a cucumber get ready for melee. Mark socks the first zombie and his head pops off, and the two soon see off the other with a good dose of Linwood Step dancing.
They spring back to the car, eager to return to the club and finish off the game.
 As the car starts,more zombies appear but they are not fast enough to catch our likely lads. One zombie is on the road though but he gets driven over as they really need to finish their game to pack up by 5pm.

So my first game of "All Things Zombie" and it was okay. I'd like to try some bigger games (and have some guns) and link some stories together but it was a goo start. I also have 15mm.co.uk USEME zombie rules (That I cannot find) so I'd like to try the same scenario with those)


Archduke Piccolo said...

I coming rather to like - even to prefer - the 'no frills' approach. One really want to be able quickly to set up a game, large or small. Actually those 'battle mats' look pretty well drawn, to me.

Archduke Piccolo said...

I have a 1:100 scale (15mm) die cast Panther tank if it is of any use to you. It's a bit shop-worn, and the gun barrel was half-missing and had to be replaced by some plastic tube. But its yours if you're interested.