Sunday, May 29, 2016

No motivation

Alas the times of being busy are upon me again and I just simply had no motivation to do anything. I am also traveling far too much at the moment which is not helping.

Most evenings I either watch a movie or I have been working so whenever I look at the pile of figures\ paints it does not even register as being interesting. I am not sure if it is the knowledge that I need to spend a lot of hours of the day painting to get anywhere near finished or I am just approaching it all with the wrong mindset. I did think of starting again but then the light bulbs in our ceiling keep blowing (right above where I sit) and I have not had a chance to get a decent lamp.

However I think I just need to get down to it !


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Archduke Piccolo said...

I know the feeling, Paul, and it's a real bugger. I'm still tinkering with stuff, but progress is slow. I'm not playing and games, not doing anything with the rule sets I have begun (though I do think about them from time to time), and Archduke Piccolo is simply not moving. It's not even as if I have nothing to say!

The bad part is that I'm finding the reading others' blogs isn't having the 'keeping me interested' effect it usually does. That is not a good. sign.

What are the causes? In your case, they are easy to see. In mine ... not so much.