Friday, February 5, 2016

Not a lot happening

Unfortunately I am very busy at the moment and everything has gone on the backburner. Over the last month all I have done is paint about figures and a few Mantic Elves but not a lot of progress to be honest. When I have had free time I have not had the motivation to paint or even get things out so I have read a few books and made the odd map.

 Below are the Fantasy figures I have painted. Most are made by Dark Alliance in the Ukraine (I think) who show the typical Eastern European disregard for intellectual property as a lot of the figure poses are obviously modeled on the Lord of the Rings movies. The rest are a mix of Italeri, Caesar and Strelets.

I have also been seeing how my phone camera functions and I must say it can get a pretty good close up. So close though I think the figured look shabby so I firstly
i) Need to find the right distance and
ii) Get some decent lighting as I usually take photos at around 10pm.

Caesar Wizard (aka Gandalf)

 Italeri Crusaders (Man at Arms "types"
 Strelets Romans - A local Governer and his Bodyguard.
 I also got bored and watched a games workshop youtube clip on painting spare marines, so I found an old 2001 model and gave it a try.

So as free time is at a premium now I'm trying to find something to do, or game that does not take a massive investment of painting time (aka Waterloo) and can lead to some simply but enjoyable games.

I might use the above 1/72 for some simple hack and slash games on paper, as I have some drafting pads spare that can be used to draw dungeons and such.


Archduke Piccolo said...

I know the feeling, Paul - my motivation is problematic at the moment also. The difference is I have plenty of time! I have built several WW2 kits though ploughing through the backlog. But my blog spot is suffering. I'm finding hard to bring myself to do anything much with it...

Jacko said...

I keep meaning to come around to plan something with you but whenever I plant that I end up working late !