Tuesday, February 9, 2016

1/72 WW2 painting tests

In my teenage years I had tonnes of 1/72 WW2 figures  which unfortunately were mostly crushed when I was overseas (Big box places on little boxes). I did manage to salvage a lot but it has been a 10 year process of looking at them and ignoring them completely.

So in these rather blurry days I seem to be having I thought if I can slowly work through some I could at least have enough for some smaller games.The test vehicles below. 2 freshly made Italeri quick build Sherm,ans, a freshly made Airfix Chi-Ha and a 20 year old JgPzIV (plus some 20mm SHQ Japanese infantry to bolster my IJA).

 I undercoated the JgPz and then used black wash to get in all the cracks, hatches and divets. Once that was dry a quick touch of Dunkelgelb and I then did an initial bone colored highlight. This resulted in the below but I was not happy as I felt it needed some camouflage loaded on it (To also hide bad painting)
 Some dabbling of brushes and a highlight later below is the almost completed tank. Hopefully I can scrounge or hand paint some markings to make it look good. The final piece of the puzzle is then the running gear underneath that I ignored completely.
 So, at the best of my ability I quite like it and hope to tidy up some more survivors to someday field a small German force.

One WW2 Theater that I did take an interest in was the Pacific. So far I have several battalions of Japanese infantry, some guns but I was lacking a tank. So as a test I picked up a Chi-Ha and made it in one evening with the result below. Its another "test tank" but once I sort  out the pesky Airfix tracks and finish the thing off I think it will look quite good.
All I need to do is finish some US Marines, Australians  and  KNIL with a view to having some small CD games.


Service Ration Distribution (Hobby) said...

All looks very promising. Keep going, it'll be great.

Jacko said...

Thanks, I just need to keep going with it.


Archduke Piccolo said...

Hi Paul -
In a few days (tomorrow I hope) I'll be doing a WW2 posting of my own. I have some ideas for supplying missing or problematic AFV tracks that might interest you. Are you still into Command Decision, or looking for something different?

Jacko said...

I'm still into CD as all my forces are being organized to fit.

(I have some other rulesets for solo play but they can use the CD units)


Chris said...

Hi Paul.
If you need some German decals, I am sure I have some spare somewhere (in 20mm of course).

We need to organise a game soon at mine, if you are keen.


Jacko said...

Thanks Chris, my work has been manic this year but I am always keen for a game !