Wednesday, April 1, 2015

New Camera Joy

I'm having great fun with this camera as now I can take photos anywhere and anyway I please.

In between Turks I painted a space marine off a GamesWorkshop Youtube clip. I played a single game of 40k in 1996 - I can't stand the game but I have 20 Space Marines simply as I wanted to paint them. I've yet to master a decent lighting system for my photos yet.

 Next are the 100 or so Hotspur french for the Waterloo re-fight. They have been undercoated black and have had the dry brush of grey on the black bits as per Chasseurs Painting guide. I am following this for a large task to see if I can save any time or better my own processes.

 As such for Waterloo I need 14 Generals. So the old classics are being retouched and below is an old figure. I don't know the make - it almost looks like Hinchcliffe.

2 minifig Guard units ready to be blacklines (Im not repainting these guys - just a subtle blackline)
 And I found a bag of these lads. Very old figures and I have yet to determine the make.


Chasseur said...

Great stuff Paul, will be good to see more French hitting the table!

Al said...

Nice pics

Rodger said...

Great stuff there Paul! I would say that Hinchcliffe would be correct for that officer. It is certainly a Hinchcliffe horse!