Tuesday, March 31, 2015

54mm Turks


I have a new phone - a Samsung S5 and with it comes a decent camera, so I am slowly learning this new device for its god intended purpose - taking pictures of wargame figures.

I have just finished and packaged up Turkish figures 26 to 45 for the Museum display. My first 25 were 10 casualties Turks, 14 charging Turks and an officer. The officer figure was the best figure I have seen and my paint job was probably the best on him too. My moral compass only flinched slightly as the casualties I had were Turks being used as sandbags (That's what I assumed) and its not often you remember what occurred in real life.

These final lot are all Turks charging. I picked them up Thursday and tracked my time

Thu - Clean up, glue (A job and a half as they had separate arms AND rifles (With hands on rifles))and fill gaps once glued. spray paint - 2.5 hours.
Fri - Undercoat uniform and skin - 2 hours
Sat - Block painting everything else (Rifles,steel,leather)- 3 hours
Sun - Some tidy up and washes.- 2 hours.
Mon - First Highlights - 3 hours
Tues - touchups, final super-highlight, and packing - 2 hours

My first photo using phone - terrible !.

As my family are not kiwis I dont have any connection to Gallipoli myself, my family fought the British in 1916 during the Easter Uprising in Ireland. I'm proud of them, as I am those that fought in WW2 for the British Army. War is such a stupid "thing" - often seems like politicians just want to play Risk with real people - such a waste. Anyhow that's my social commentary for the evening done !

So whats up next - the small affair of finishing my French for the Waterloo Re-fight on June 18th. I have 100 French to finish.


Rodger said...

Fantastic stuff there Paul! That is a huge effort in such a small amount of time. Great work.Finished off my last ones last night and am about to take some photos!

Jacko said...

Thanks - I really enjoyed it but I know time was against me so I just made sure I got it done as I need to get them back to Tim tomorrow.

Chasseur said...

Great work Paul, just finished my lot too.

Archduke Piccolo said...

Nice figures, Paul. I was tempted to try my hand, but decided that I already had too many projects I was doing nothing with...

On the war thing. It has long been my belief that war, as an instrument of policy, outlived its value some time between 1792 and 1815. The gap between the costs and gains of war has been widening ever since.

Jacko said...

Thanks everyone.