Thursday, March 12, 2015

Sci Fi Scenery

I managed to sprain my ankle last week and after some xrays and hobbling around I am now getting back into the swing of things.

Still waiting on my work phone grrrrrrrr - I should just walk down and buy one.

I have another 20 54mm Turks to prep and I have been busily gluing away over the last two nights using a mix of epoxy, superglue and blue tack (Thanks for all the tips). I got  a bit bored last night with Turks so made up my 15mm sci-fi scenery that is made from laser cut .MDF

Very weak photos below.

The scenery is from Mad mecha and consist of some two story apartments, some solar panels and a series of one story shops. When I first got them some time ago I could not work out how they went together (I don't know how I could not work out how to do it when I first got them). Now that epic moment of stupidity is over I made them up last night. I have enough now to fill a table and I can also mix them into my modern games hopefully.

Below a pic of the kitchen table press-ganged into my workshop. Buildings pretty much everywhere and the Turks on the left having a rest.

 Two floors of the shops.

I'm going to spray them with flat white and then paint each section to make them a little more real.


Archduke Piccolo said...

Those laser cut buildings look pretty decent, Paul! Good for modern - even WW2 as well as your SF projects.

Jacko said...


I'm looking at all my unmade scenery now - always good fun putting things together.