Monday, June 2, 2014


A week into the new house and I finally gotten a lot of the garage sorted. This also involved putting together some $20 steel shelves that will home a lot of my figures and bring some organisation to the madness.

All the boxes from the white shelves to the right of the picture are war gaming filled. The white shelf will house rules and books and another shelve unit will have other figures in.

So I intend to have small clear out - it's just the tedium of organising sales doesn't motivate me that well, and getting to the post office is a pain in the backside. However some things need to go (28mm French Indian wars and 28mm ww2 top of the list).

Next on my list will be some form of table (Some heating would also help as the garage was 5C this morning.) or some 3x2 boards that I can use indoor and of  course painting will need to resume too.


Archduke Piccolo said...

Congratulations on finding a new home, Paul. I have always found 'moving out' something of a chore, but 'moving in' - now that's not so bad!

Jacko said...

Thanks Ion. 3 months living with the in laws (very kind of them) was OK but I missed being able to potter around in my wargames storage area. Cheers

Rodger said...

Great news Paul!

Jacko said...

Thanks Rodger - Who knows I might even possibly get to make all my terrain and have somewhere to put it.