Sunday, May 4, 2014

Off to Fiji


I'm being sent to Fiji for a weeks work - sounds great doesn't it.

Now you'll be thinking is going to be all about

But it really going to be all about, 5 days of it in Nadi (Right next to the airport)

Now from my trip to Brisbane I know its going to be too hot to paint anything so I'm looking into some things to take with me. I suspect it might be some cardboard units, dice and rules to playtest or otherwise get some solo campaign background going while sitting on my balcony having a Fiji beer in Nadi.

I managed to sneak away on Saturday and play a small part in a Napoleonic action San Antonio  at short notice. an entertaining game, I managed to play my part of a confused junior officer quite well as at times I had no idea what our CinC had planned. I was in charge of the British cavalry and we marched around quite a lot in some bad terrain and that was pretty much it. A long range cannon ball killed my general in the first turn and from there it got a little hard. But it was extremely entertaining game and we were well looked after by the host Colin.



Archduke Piccolo said...

I was very surprised to see the Vive l'Empereur blog spot lurching into life after a hiatus of well over two years, and read about your San Antonio action.

All the best for your stint in Fiji. You never know your luck. You might get to see a sliver of sun, a dusting of sand, a splash of ocean - or a bally great tropical cyclone to liven your sojourn...

Jacko said...

Hi Ion,

Im hoping for one day of sun and maybe an island tour on the only day off