Sunday, June 29, 2014

10mm isnt too bad.


I had the pleasure if taking part in a 10mm ww2 game recently and as per usual I now find myself painting 10mm figures (I already had some stored away for a rainy day). My small forces will be based on the 4th Infantry Division at Utah beach alongside some elements of 82nd Airborne. I have 6mm ww2 for solo actions on the kitchen table, as well as incomplete 20mm WW2 (North Africa) so I made sure I didn't get too much.

My initial outing has been to paint a 105mm Howitzer Battery  (That I had for Vietnam) and the below is the result. As I have a load of FlamesofWar bases I am using them for vehicles and Im pretty happy with the results.

On top of that I have also assembled my Chinook ( A ready made one from Tomyc) for my Modern skirmish games (And the occasional Vietnam game)
The rest of my job list for this week is:

Take pics of the:
28mm WW2 Russians  and Germans to sell
28mm French Indian War to sell
28mm Victrix Napoloenic  British

Assemble 16 WSS Figures per night
Finish of 6mm ww2 forces for a small solo game



Archduke Piccolo said...

Not too ambitious a project then? :-) Those 10mm dudes are looking good!

Jacko said...

Always ambitious Ion, I have eyes as big as saucers and my magpie like thoughts turn all reason off !