Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Not a lot happening.

So an offer on a house has been accepted so the days of living in someone else's space will hopefully be coming to an end. I have not done much in the way of painting\gaming recently as I have been away a lot.

Now I have injured myself during sports ( a rather silly obsession I have at my age) I will have some free time to get things back on track. On my various lunchtime trips to shops in different parts of Australia and Auckland I found some very tempting things. I managed to get into the Victorian Hobby Centre in Melbourne and they had a lot of plastic kits that are hard to find in NZ (Well without paying an arm and a leg). but I didn't buy anything as I also purchased a new pair of shoes and work trousers so my spending had reached its limit. It was also about 34C and I had had enough of walking around the city in a suit so I left for the airport.

(Another interesting act is that it seems extremely hard to find children's woollen socks in Melbourne)

Some cardboard Railway buildings !

 A Wild West Fort (Perfect for my Pony Wars stuff (unpainted somewhere)
 And I also managed to pick up some small scale cardboard buildings of a Vauban Fort
 And an Italian Village (Soon to Spanish)

I will not start these until the house move is all settled as I have no idea where I would store the completed models in the new digs.


Archduke Piccolo said...

All the best Paul - Having to hang fire indefinitely is much worse than knowing it will be so many weeks or this many months...

Rodger said...

All the buildings look really cool Paul! Still got a few of those railway ones!

Jacko said...

Thanks for the comments.

I plan to do some more painting this week to get back into the hang of things.

Al said...

Cool Blog mate, link added