Thursday, March 13, 2014

Modern 1:72

I have been painting some more 1:72 Modern figures for my Modern-ish campaign (It all started from the Coup de Etat scenario in Charles Grants "Programmed War Games Scenarios".

Some time ago I created an area with the local State, the Russians and Nato\USA and the general plan for the campaign. Unfortunately my plan I hatched last year has resulted in real life dealings in the Ukraine - I should sue Overlord Putin for copyright. (Jokes aside I hope its all peacefully resolved) .

Anyways I've used a match of Italeri WW2 Soviets for my local State.

The local Police force - They remind me of the friendly Russian Border guards I met back in 2002 - Stern as ice but happy once bribed.

The Local Militia\Army forces

The Russian Special Forces who arrive to "help".

 Nato forces (Italeri US infantry) who arrive to "help" aswell.

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