Tuesday, March 11, 2014

More plastic fantastics.

I had hoped to achieve a lot this week but I have managed to pick up a cold which has curtailed things a great deal. I am off to Melbourne on Friday night for most of next week so hopefully I'll get to visit the great Victorian Hobby Centre and pick up some figures unavailable in NZ or simply have a good nose around in a fully stocked hobby store.

In the meantime when I was bored I painted some 1:72 Napoleonic to use for the odd Skirmish games.

Italeri British.

Quite a nice pack this one, the figures are a lot skinnier than the French counterparts.

 Italeri French

Another nice set , the figures are chunkier than the old Esci ones I used to have. They paint up well and really look the part.

 And the first repainted figure of my Hinchcliffe Saxon Jaeger as  testor. I haven't had the motivation to start the other 99 figures.

I've also been sorting out some other little piles of lead. Basing 6mm figures for solo wargames and then a white spray undercoat.



Chasseur said...

Nice work on these, even the white lining to the cuffs of the french :)

Jacko said...

Thanks !