Sunday, February 9, 2014

Painting while travelling.

I'm off to Australia today for a few days work, I'm going to try taking some paint and figures with me to get something done while I am there as while I'll see a friend of mine two of the nights the rest of the time I usually spend sitting in the hotel room bored reading blogs and watching sky sports (Except that dreadful Aussie rules).

So - I have taken my 6mm Prussian 1813 group  with me and the base coat paints to at least get something done while I am there.  They are in a small box wrapped in a plastic bag  next to my trusty bathroom supplies.

They are packed well so hopefully after a long days work (at -3 hour timezone) in nice 30C heat it will allow me to relax and get something done.

I have also taken a place in   ThistleBarrows Napoleonic PBEM campaign as Marshal Mortier and the 3rd French Army, defending Eastern France from the hordes of Austrian moustachios.  Initial moves have been done and time will tell if my cuning plan comes to fruition or I end up on the boat carrying someone's bags to St Helena.


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Rodger said...

Hope you have a good trip Paul!