Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Revell SYW

A quick post as I have finally based two units of my plastic 1/72 French Army.

Below is Inf Regt, 100 better known al Lally's Regt. I think I started painting the 4 years ago and they have finally been based. The uniform I have done is completely wrong of course as when I painted them they were an "Imaginations" unit so I simply found a French unit that I like the Flag of (The Irish Regts mostly had red uniforms). I simply painted the flag on the figure and have yet to add the 3 corner Crowns as the first corner was a simple test as to how it looked.

 And the next unit IR29 or the Bourbon Regt with lovely white coats. These were undercoated in white GW primer, washed in black and then painted . There is always something appealing about plastic figures, basic, light, varied and of course cheap.

So looking at my available figures I have the following to complete:
2 Grenadier Units
3 Infantry
1 Light Infantry
4 Milita\Guerilla \Angry Townpeople.
3 Cavalry
4 Battery of guns



The Angry Lurker said...

Nice work Paul, damn nice work!

Rodger said...

Great looking units Paul. I really like these.

Jacko said...

Thanks guys. Plastic isnt as flash at lead but jeez you can paint them a lot faster !

Phil said...

Very nice figures...and blog!