Thursday, October 4, 2012

Command Decision

So I was trying to find a hedge-trimmer charger in the garage that I thought was on a shelf next to the wargames storage area and low and behold I find my CD rulesets in a box. I have the good old 2nd edition that I enjoyed for many good years (not that 3rd Ed that no one seemed to like) and a large tonne of figures of various nations that I have stored away for some future date.

So rifling through a few blogs I find some OOB for the Early War pacific (KNIL, AIF and IJA) and I notice that I have all the figures needed for some units. So as I paint the SYW figures up I will do a few ww2 figures at the same time. The good thing about CD in the pacific is that the forces were so small and armour are so rare that I don't need to make 50 odd vehicles for a single game !.

The bad thing is all those nifty plastic Aussies, Esci Japanese are out of production :( so I cant readily get anymore.

While I was looking I also found 28mm BTD Germans and Russians,  some Panthers and about 3 unmade 1/72 StugIII, 2 Pz III that I should really sell or trade as I need to odd infantry gun for the IJA and KNIL.


Uncle Brian said...

Hi Jacko,
I'm located in Christchurch too, and depending on how many figures you need I may be able to sort out some for you.

Jacko said...

Thanks Brian !

Archduke Piccolo said...

Hi Paul -
Seems I might have to introduce you and Brian to each other some time. Woolston Club or my place... That is the question. It is just possible I might have some IJA dudes kicking around here, too - not many though, even if I'm right about that.