Thursday, September 20, 2012

An Unexpected Journey !

On Monday evening as I was putting the bins out I remembered that I had some plastic sprues that I had promised to Archduke Piccolo ( So a phone call later I had arranged a visit to the Archduke's home on Tuesday night. Often when you enter Chateau Piccollo you can't help but be motivated by the hosts enthusiasm and creativity for wargames.

After seeing the scratchbuilt naval forces( I was very tempted to try some of mine, seeing that I had everything necessary to make them.

So yesterday I knocked up the following three ships in around half an hour, and as I painted some SYW 1/72 I threw some paint on them to see how they looked. Two cruisers and a (carrier of sorts) - all based on ice cream sticks and made out of Eraser, glue gun sticks and bits of sprue. They were thrown together rather quickly and the paint job was very fast just to add some colour but a good test run if i wanted to create some more. Out of scale of course as that front turrent looks like it houses a
Karl-Gerät ! and drastically out of balance.

 The Harbinger Class Cruisers.
 The carrier "Reluctant" and I'm very tempted to make some Swordfish to go with it.
 Look at those guns !

And my French SYW 1/72 figures. Bourbon Infanterie (IR 39), the paint job is unhistorical seeings its the first French of this period I have ever painted but I really like the look of them - Very tempted to go find that box of Front Rank French and Indian war figures I have !


Archduke Piccolo said...

Those were very kind remarks, Paul. Thank you!

I like your pretty vessels, and all. I was wondering about their dimensions. The two 'gun' ships put me in mind of the Monitor types that were still in service until after WW2. These were roughly cruiser sized vessels with one or two very large guns (the sort of guns you would find on a battleship) in a single turret (there was some variation).

Generally they were pretty slow, protected at least as well as a cruiser, and with shallow draughts. Though designed for inshore work, Douglas Reeman wrote a novel about one on escort duty - I think the rationale was that she was being sent home to decommission, and pressed into service as an escort to get some use out of her last days. Quite a nice story, actually.

Finally, I would very much like to see a completed French Regiment. I thought I recognised them as plastics at first sight (something about the poses) but I infer they are metal?

Jacko said...


The French are plastic Revell Austrians, I am getting a few 20mm metal figures but that is simply due to those Revel figures and Italeri 1776 French being out of production, though I've managed to find 20mm that mix well with plastics.

As for the ships they are 5cm long and 1 wide.


Archduke Piccolo said...

I thought those figures looked familiar! I have some of my own. How about that?

Your 'gun' ships are the same size as my cruisers then. Looking at your fellows revives the temptation to build in my navies some extra types. Sarbia is in fact short two battleships, and I've been thinking of making battlecruisers and/or pocket battleships instead. And now, monitor types could well be worth a go after all. As it happens they would be quite suited to the Sideon IV campaign - plenty of inshore work there!