Monday, May 28, 2012

Pre-Winter Colds

Winter is here and thus starts the long run of colds and other illness that haunt or house. I swear my health has decreased since all these fecking earthquakes started as I'm just sick all the time. Of course a snotty 2 year old doesnt help :) I've been off work now for 3 days, was ordered on bed rest and am pretty much sick of it. Now that whinge is out of the way, I did get to spend some time at home with my daughter as well as paint some figures during daylight hours - which is a bonus.

I have finished another Prussian Heavy Cavalry unit. Apologies for the photo quality, I seem to have lost any skill for taking photos. I blame my constant coughing ! I also need to touch up the horses as I havent done much on them.

A new Prussian Line infantry unit, again in my rush I forgot to paint the buttons on so another touch up needed. Ive yet to detail the base and flock it etc, as I tend to do basing en-masse and wait till I have 5 or so units to complete (Just because its a pain to get all the stuff out).
Some 15mm SciFi finally, I picked up some Old Crow Resin vehicles for my solo SciFi skirmish stuff. Below is an APC that I have base coated and "inked", so hopefully I'll do some more layers and then weather it a bit.

I am also building some ruins, as I was kindly given some scenery for free when I purchased a second hand castle. The owner was moving away and gave me a lot of stuff he didn't need (Paint and scenery) so I'll make good use out of it. These are GW ruins but I plan to use them for a ruined European church. I'll add some detail to the clear area, perhaps a statue or tomb or sorts.

And the Zvedza castle - jeez this thing is massive - its for 1/72 so I can use it for 15mm (For a Citidel), 1/72 and 28mm. I've grabbed a tower and 2 wall sections to start on, but I won't need the entire kit done, but hope to  have a few towers and 6 wall sections for gaming. So far Ive done a some layers and all it needs is a final light drybrush, and some detail painted in (I plan to add some Ivy aswell)
The toaster in the background gives some idea of scale. I didn't really need to buy it but I couldnt resist !.

Its only 12.56pm and I still have all day to do something !


The Angry Lurker said...

Good update and man flu is a serious ailment!

Rodger said...

The castle is a nice score Paul. Troops are looking really good too. It would seem that alot of locals are suffering more ailments since these quakes started. I know of a few that are suffering and it has been blamed on the dust from all the liquefaction. Hang in there mate.

Archduke Piccolo said...

These dam' cold snaps don't help! Man Flu is of course, nature's way of telling a bloke that he just ain't in any condition to go competing with sabre toothed tigers for any woolly mammoths that might be hanging around. If a chap weren't laid low by pain and misery with Man Flu, his bleared vision wouldn't see those fangs approaching at high speed until it was too late.

I've taken over Barry's plastic (20mm) Prussians, which I am forming into 7 battalions of various sizes; 1 Grenadier, 3 Line and 3 Landwehr.