Friday, May 18, 2012

Battle of Harburg, May 1809

The campaign in Prussia is off and running, King Frederick Wilhelm III has stayed true to Tilsit and has moved troops to support the French in giving the Austrians and British a damn good thrashing.

Yes its not historical, but it will lead to some damn good games. Our first battle is Harburg, where a Prussian\French garrison is abruptly interupted by a British Division, well not interupted as I knew they were coming. It was a bit lopsided numbers wise (4 Inf, 3 Cav, 2 Guns against 12 inf,1 cav and 2 guns), and no one expected the game to last a night BUT showing true tenacity the allies (French\Prusse) came out biting and we are going into our third night of gaming. Of course I forgot the camera batteries the first game night !

Some pictures of night two ! Below is early in the game, the British have advanced and the Allies have sensed an opportunity, the Silesian Uhlans roll over some british batteries and the left flank surges forward crushing all before them.

 The next shot shows a closer view - british square cower as Prussian troops surge onwards - For Glory ! For the Fatherland !
 But after that intial surge we needed to reform our lines, so back we went and reformed, a solid line of cold steel and big guns.
 Some more action shots, East Prussian Heavy Cavalry await a chance to get amongst it.

 Prussian Grenadiers (using Landwher figures) impale a British square and send it running.
 And with most games, smoke is everywhere - in VLE smoke does certain things to firing so it pays to make the first volley count.
More to come - will Prussians hold, will the french actually fight ! Night is closing and the British dead are mounting - Bring me Night or bring me Blucher !


Archduke Piccolo said...

Some stirring pictures, there, Paul. Cavalry are remarkiably effective under Colin's rule set: used right they can do real damage, as this action is demonstrating...

Rodger said...

Very nice photos Paul. Game sounds interesting too.