Saturday, May 12, 2012



A brief update - I am still alive but I just havent had a chance to update anything. I have a new job and its pretty full on and I am just finding my feet, but its been great so far and is very exciting. Over the last month I've really only painted one 15mm Prussian Cuirrassier unit and I cant take a photo as its on Barry's games table as we have a game to finish on wed.

One thing I can say is how fantastic is a Napoleonic game when the table is crammed with figures !. Painting the figures (for me anyway) is extremely enjoyable, recently I've received some great comments on my figures but seeing them on the table is also very enjoyable.

I havent even had time to read other's blogs which I updated myself with last night, whilst trying not to play Europa Unversalis III on the PC. I also purchased 120 trees from Hong Kong that I am basing up for our gaming as we seem to have a tree shortage.

So this coming few weeks I intend to get normal painting service back on track and pump out some more:

ii) Normans
iii) Fantasy figures for solo gaming - none of the GW crap - 15mm all the way.



Rodger said...

Glad to see you are still around Paul. Looking forward to some photos.

Archduke Piccolo said...

Same again Paul. Howcum Prussia sided with the French? After such a friendly letter, as Emperor Franz thought, too...


Jacko said...

Because I am a weakling ruled by an aggressive queen ! :)