Monday, September 24, 2018

Command Decision - North African Progress


I have returned from the usual winter doldrums where no time and motivation are lacking.  In the last month or so I have achieved a fair amount, but did not record any progress on the camera.

There are 4 projects ongoing at the moment, all targetted as Command Decision WW2.
  • North Africa - DAK
  • North Africa Italian
  • North Africa 8th Army
  • Normandy British.
The Italians are 99% complete and ready to roll onto the Archduke Piccolo's table. Afterwards, I decided to complete one of the Panzer Grenadier\Schutzen Regiments as I had all my desert pains handy.

First I needed to make up for some missing vehicles and lucky the local swap meet solved some of those requirements.

 But another area I was lacking was trucks (I had 2). So I have discovered a source of Opel Blitz trucks from China, not for the detail-oriented mind you but they look pretty good and suit my needs.

 A few other trucks picked up from  Mr Shields has met my quota as now I have 20 trucks

Over the next week, I shall load some more progress on the DAK, as well as get the Italians ready for a parade.

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Archduke Piccolo said...

Hi Paul -
How much are the Opels from China/ I could use a few...

Meanwhile, eyesight deteriorating noticeably. Luckily your white on red is a bit easier to read than the standard black on white. Motivation OK but hard to do much. Might end up doing easy stuff, like organising my stuff...

You might find my 'Surprise Party' postings interesting, though...