Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Painting Space Marines for Fun and Practice.

Over the last 20 years I have picked up a few Spare marine figures as I simply liked them and wanted to paint them. I recall I have about 20 of these so I decided recently to paint one figure each for the Chapters (Regiments I guess) I liked to look of. This was also a practice session on getting back into painting larger figures as recently I have only been painted small or slender figures but trying some of these GW you-tube tutorials at the same time to see techniques I could try on historic figures as well as try some better Red, yellow, blue and gold layers.

So I pulled a few out and decided to paint a Dark Angel (green), Space Wolf (Blue grey) an Ultramarine (Blue), A Crimson Fist (Yellow), A Salamander (Light green), a Blood Angel (Red) and finally a Space Wolf terminator. (The big thing). They are not finished but as its been hot and I have not been painting I played with the camera anyway.

The Space Wolf marine with hand painted shoulder pads. Looks like straight lines are not my forte !
 Though on the other shoulder pad I did hand paint a wolfs head which is practice for a greater project of hand painting my own Historical Standards instead of printing them off from Warflag.(I am slowly getting better at yellow shades though on close up I am not so sure.). When I was a teen everything was manually done so I want to head back in that direction.

The Blood Angel where I used several types of Red paints  and some gold layers.

The UltraMarine - trying out some new blues and different Gold techniques.

 Another hand painted shoulder pad insignia.
 The Terminator so far.
 I was in the mood to do these as they have been around far too long, but it was good fun getting the lighter colours out and trying some different things.

I am off to the States in two days for a week. It shall be interesting to be in winter again !

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