Sunday, January 22, 2017

US Armour - 4th Infantry Division

I spent a week in Auckland and took a box of Confederates with me to finish, however the hotel had very bad lighting so painting was pretty much a non event. Not sure why they thought any type of lamp or light near a desk could be of use.

So on my return I have completed a German Infantry Battalion of 1057th Infantry Regiment, 91st Infantry Division for Utah Beach. I have the second battalion to base and finish, then I can move onto the next regiment and the support troops (Once they are done I can take some pictures).

In the meantime I have been preparing the US Armour for the small attachments of 70th Tank Battalion and 899th Tank Destroyer. M10s and M3 Shermans are Armoufast, the right two are Italeri M4A3 Quick builds -  They have all been undercoated and now need finishing and I have some baggage to also load. The M10 crew will simply be scalped from unwanted infantry unless I can find some American crew to use.


Archduke Piccolo said...

You doing a Utah Beach campaign sometime soon?

Jacko said...


I am not sure. To get things going I simply picked a part of the landings and thought I could start slowly by creating a Battalion for each force and then build from there.

At one stage it would be nice to have a large game, but my forces will be aimed at smaller actions with maybe a battalion and a tank of two a side initially.