Thursday, September 15, 2016

Italian 10th Army

I seem to have picked up some motivation to actually complete a project before moving onto something else. I am really keen to complete my North African Italians as they:

  • Are half completed
  • I have everything I need already
So every night I have been solely working on them based simply on the fact my hobby board only has Italians on it. My basic plan to to complete everything on the board and then move on.

So far I have made a base coat and given them a decent earth wash (I am still experimenting with

I have also solved my Italian Truck issue by finding my old Friends "Corgi Cadbury" toy trucks. Cheap and nasty, while they are oversized a good dose of Desert Yellow and basing will see them blend in.  I remember my great uncle telling me as a child that in North Africa the Italians were using an ice ream delivery van to pull some small weapon \ trailer so it think is quite fitting,

A long awaited dream has also been completed in that I now have tankettes !. Since the quick build tanks were released I have wanted some but never purchased, however off Stan that dream is complete.

The rough plan for the Italians is

4 M13's
4 L33's
2 Semoventes
5 Infantry battalions
1 Artillery Batteries.

Reconnaissance is a problem though. Did you know its cheaper to buy a 1/35 scale Autoblinda model than a 1/72 one ?  I will have to go resin !


Service Ration Distribution (Hobby) said...

Super. It will be a great little army. Frontline do, or did, an Auto belinda for around £4.00-£4.50. They are resin in about six parts and paint up really quite well. The Italeri ones are just too expensive and really tricky to build.

Jacko said...

Thanks for the tip