Sunday, September 11, 2016

20mm and 6mm WW2

I am slowly getting back into painting on a regular basis with a greater effort being made to organize my projects and my paint supplies. I have wandered from project to project though, but that has been for more motivation purposes than any other reason.

Below is my painting desk that I use at night, clearing the whole lot up at the end of each night. This has been a pain to be honest, I cannot leave figures anywhere handy or stack them up easily. For some reason they get knocked over or crushed (well the spears bent) ...the source of this  mayhem is yet to be unmasked.

I recently visited the bring and buy and picked up some Matchbox 8th Army, as well as some Italian tankettes from Stan. These shall contribute very well to my North Africa 20mm forces that I have slowly kick started into life. Below are some SQH Tropical Italians and an Italeri M13 "quickbuild" that is nearing completion.  They should round out a small Italian force to compliment my DAK for some early war games against my Desert Rats and Australians.

I have had some thought of using Megablitz or Not Quite Mechanised for larger games, however I face the same problem in any ruleset. Support vehicles and trucks are simply not enough in numbers so I will base the North Africa forces for Command Decision and then simply see what happens if I use any other ruleset. 

However I did drag out my 6mm early war figures to see is they could be used for Larger actions, below is an initial test (on a poor photo) of the 7th Armoured in 1940. I am still missing a bit but of kit but have plenty on hand to make up the numbers. In 6mm I can at least field the one Armoured and two infantry divisions, the DAK and a two Italian infantry divisions. (Painting them a different colour from the base colour will also help)

The source of my storage frustrations soon became clear. Someone or something has taken a liking to sitting or investigating my things.

It does not matter how high or secluded a spot I place boxes , I find the tell-tale signs of white fur and knocked over figures.  It appears the cat likes to sit in the painting box (On the newspaper I place on top), I dreaded her thinking it was a litter tray but luckily she prefers to go in other, less suitable places. Alas our cat is deaf  and a little bit thick and so stays inside the whole time. Next door's cats (of which *someone* has 4) like to taunt our cat from the windows. So she likes to protect our house by mixing her scent with ours, which means.........(yes you guessed it)  weeing over clothes, desks and anywhere we frequent on a regular basis. Countermeasures to the other cats have since been planned, a blitzkrieg type of offensive might upset the locals so guerilla warfare consisting of water pistols, sprinklers and 6 year old in full charge will possible make a more peaceful solution.


Archduke Piccolo said...

Well, nothing makes ones trouble feel light than someone else's heavier travails. For which I thank you! At least our cat (I call it Cat or Catty, but it was named Isis - not for political reasons,you understand - but that my daughter had a strong interest in the history and mythology of Ancient Egypt). At least she knows to sit in the dirt box to take a whizz. She hasn't figured out that was where the whizz was supposed to go as well. At least she don't interfere with my stuff. And she will go outside. Now and then.

I noticed the other day that Stan had some Desert War Brit A13s for sale. I did consider them, but have to keep control of my inventories. I might revisit those. A long time ago, I began some work on a 'bathtub' version of the Crusader Operation late 1941. I called it Crusader 5 - everything was to be scaled down by a further factor of from the CD scaling, which meant 1 tank represented 25. Fossicking among my screeds of paper, I discover I still have much of this stuff. If you were interested, maybe you and I could work through it some time and see what we could do with it.

I also have quite a bit of 6mm stuff - Brit and German, 1943 on. Good for Tunisia, Italy and NW Europe. I don't use it much and might be persuaded to part with them - or some of them at any rate. I was considering using some pieces as playing pieces for a map campaign idea I have (part of my 'Jono's World' project. Could just pick mid-war bits out and flick on the rest. Mind open about that.

Jacko said...


Yes, the cats of woe.

I have some resin A13's and will be getting a few more in a few days time as well as some other vehicles to round out my forces. Looking at it all I do have a lot, it just needs painting and organizing.

I would be interested in the Crusader 5, simply to get some games going.

I'm not planning on getting more 6mm stuff, it was only really a side project but I did plan to use them on campaign maps at the same time. I was planning to have a campaign 6mm map with the vehicles representing units, then when a battle occurred it moved to 20mm


Archduke Piccolo said...

From whatt you say, we have plenty to discuss in respect of possible joint projects!