Friday, November 29, 2013

Old tanks

I spent an hour or two at Archduke Piccilo's this afternoon "chewing the fat" (As well call talking in NZ) and seeing what he was up to project wise. I offloaded some late war German kits I would never use any time soon (Part of the clear-out due to impending house move) and managed to get a good old PzII in return (Much needed for my Desert War forces)

That great chap Mr Shields in Dunedin also sold me some Italian tanks which are much needed. 2 M13's and Sp guns. This will now take my M13 numbers to 6 which is a good number to have (If anyone has an Italian AFVs to offload let me know). I'll give them a touch up to make them more uniform with my other vehicles.

My WSS generals have arrived from Front Rank. One shall command my forces and the others is for the unit Barry gave me.



Archduke Piccolo said...

Thanks for all that stuff, Paul! I've already put the Armourfast StuGs together, begun the refurb/reassembly of one of the JgPzIV and started assembling the Napoleonic arty limbers (very handy!).

By the way, I discovered that the Fujimi StuG III kit comes with a StuH option. As it will be compatible with my modified vehicle, together they will form a small StuH battery/battalion.

All those kits you brought around has probably near on doubled my German assault gun inventory.


Jacko said...

Hi Ion, you have done more with them in 1 day than I did in 10 years or so so they will have a better life with you.


Archduke Piccolo said...

Ah! But meanwhile...