Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Modern Madness !

Recently I have been focused on painting my 15mm SciFi figures as well as take part on some play testing of a new rule-set. As we are  thinking of moving abodes I decided to start sorting out the large box of figures\models\crap that is a collection of items from over 25+ years of war-gaming. Its always a delight to rifle through the box of shame and find all sorts of boxes filled with figures saved for a later day. My 1/72 WW2 North Africa Armies, 1/72 Pacific, 1/72 Modern and 1/72 ACW figures all sitting nicely for a rainy day (well rainy year more like it). So for a break and something different I whipped out some ww2 figures and will spend a week painting to my hearts content. I've decided to ditch my 28mm WW2 collection (Selling on trademe is such a bore !) and will give away the few WW2 Late War vehicles I have left to the Archduke himself.

Below Esci Spetnaz. 20 years in a box so time they were painted ! I've read a few blogs recently aimed at Command Decision Moderns, I'm half tempted to find my fictional 90's country notes and revise my campaign for a future date. My fictional campaign all spawned from the Programmed Scenarios "Coup De Etat" scenario and a good 15 years of getting figures in dribs and drabs has made it possible. Now all I need is time, space,rules...............

The beginnings of my Italian Army for the desert. A mix of SHQ "sunhat" troops and the good old trusty airfix specials. The figure below was just to test out my colour selection and I quite like it.  Over the years I have picked up a lot of ww2 Early Africa figures\vehicles and now I see S model have a Tankette and Vickers Lt Tank for sale.
 Another British infantry company - Good old Airfix. I literally have hundreds of these figures and they are all at least 30 years old. They are very dear to me as they always bring back such fond memories.
The 3" Mortar platoon - SHQ figures. Not sure on my paint job so I might give them a Devlan Mud wash to tone it down a little. Though seeing as I've been in the North Africa heat myself I can always just say it is pretty sunny !.
 WargamesFactory WSS Figures. Painted as Spanish Borbon Regt (I think - I would have to check my notes). I have 2 painted but they have been sitting there waiting for basing for some time.
Some more 1/72 fun. I was perusing around an NZ model shop the other day and found a series of modern vehicles at 60% off. How could I resist ! Of course it has now rekindled my thoughts on getting an airbrush - The airbrush itself is fine however the compressor is another kettle of fish. I have an industrial paint sprayer (For Fences\interior) however the compressor on that sounds like a jet engine, has too high a pressure and can only take a 2 Litre paint bottle.  Hobby compressors seem to be gigantic and expensive.


Phil said...

Some beautiful figures!

Jacko said...


Paul Foster said...

Awesome work on these minis.

A NZ store with 60% off!

Where pray tell is this rare beastie!

Jacko said...

Thanks, it was ModelsandHobbies in Wellington. I went online to look up airbrushes and find a t-55 and I found all the Trumpeter models with slashed prices so I bought most of them (For a rainy day).


Archduke Piccolo said...

Somehow or other, this posting slipped under my radar, Paul. I must say I am impressed with your paint work on the figures - wouldn't worry about toning them down or anything: they look fine as they are.

Jacko said...

Cheers Ion