Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Dettol Surprise !

When I left NZ back in 1997 I stored my war game figures at my mums in a tea-chest style box. Unknown to me a family member placed an extremely heavy box on top that over time crushed what was underneath. Casualties were high and my ww2 plastic armies were pretty much stuffed. Mostly tank barrels and wheels\tracks were broken off so it basically became a box of bits.

 On my return in 2004 I kept them and they are still at mums. Some time last year I was going to throw them out but  I decided to keep them for parts as they are all battered to hell and have so many layers of paint on them they would be beyond useful.....or so I thought.

 I read a blog recently about Dettol and paint stripping and I gave it a go with an old Sdkfz251 and a sdkfz 250/1. Both were missing tracks, wheels etc but they are just testors. They went into soak on sunday and over the last few days I have scrubbed the paint off with an old  Dora Toothbrus. And they are like new - that original matchbox grey plastic and I am simply amazed !. I wear gloves and do it all outside of course, I don't mind the smell of dettol (I spent some time in hopsital when I was younger) and I wear gloves so the only mess is in the container.

It will be a tedious task soaking them all and fixing them but I think I shouold be able to save 60% of what was left. Of course it will take time and a lot of dettol but its quite rewarding - Its mainly 8th army transport I want to save first, then I'll move onto the 14 or so 251's.

So let the games begin.
I also painted my fence with my industrial paint sprayer – It has me looking at airbrushes again. I might get a el - cheapo version and try a can of propellant first, and then look at a compressor \tank. I'm expecting heavy resistance from the chief accountant, so I might have to resort to extortion\bribery.


Archduke Piccolo said...

I recently bought some Mr Muscle over clear on the strength of someone's endorsement (no names, no packdrill, in case the thing tutns into a disaster). Mainly to clean off some of the toys for repainting in more military style...

Chasseur said...

Try "Simple Green", works a treat and probably cheaper.

Jacko said...

Thanks - I remember looking at simple green and it seemed expensive. I already had an ample supply of dettol (1 litre) so I'll used that up first and then look at alternative.

Rodger said...

I haven't tried Dettol but have heard that it works well. Simple Green I have used and it does a good job. Good luck in the resto business!

Jacko said...

Thanks - at the moment it is all coming down to smell - I hate the smell of overn cleaner, so dettool isnt too bad.