Saturday, August 18, 2012

Work Bench - All Things Zombie


So yet another small project I have are some zombie games - a mix of Modern and 18th Century zombie Apocalypse to simply act as solo entertainment. As part of this I am slowly gathering figures and terrain to make the kitchen table game area look  a little more populated. 

Below is an older building that I yanked out of the box and touched up, next to it is a QRF Stagecoach I had laying about that will be a prop for a game. I picked up the shed off trademe and I'm not sure who made it.

My 18th Century games will will be a rip off of the Sleepy Hollow genre where some local town gets terrorised by nasty dead things - will the townsfolk survive, will the Militia make it through the night ? Who knows. I'll be using All Things Zombie for this to see how it all runs (With a few tweaks of the rules).

For the modern zombie genre I have found my Old Crow sciFi APC and have finally weathered it a little, next will be some insignia\numbers so it can be used as some special military vehicle that comes to save the day, or get turned into zombie food.
And where would a zombie game be without an assortment of vehicles ?
Below are some 1:87 (HO) scale cars I bought off trade me for about $8 each and they fit 15mm perfectly. Not toy cars (Matchbox\hotwheels) as they are too big but proper Railway \ car models that I took a fancy too. I Merc SUV, Local Sheriff squad car and finally what will be my personal (Well my 15mm persona's) luxury car. I have a few more floating about, as well as picking up some 15mm modern scenery from "The Scene" who just had 20% off sale. I don't have too much urban terrain so cant recreate a city but I might bases the games in  a rural area.
The rest of the terrain mound - Railway tracks, Telephone poles, tree etc etc.
For the 18th C zombie games I have all the figures already - AWI and Pirates for the "Humans" and zombies for the undead. For Moderns I have (To paint) a mix of survivors, cops, military, scientists and rednecks that I'll use, from Rebel Minis\Khurasan and "The Scene".

So yet another project I starting to think I'm Obsessive Compulsive or simply a magpie. I think I'll try a solo ww2 game this week to use all this stuff.


The Angry Lurker said...

I like me some zombie shenanigans, nice one sir!

Jacko said...

Its actually your blog that got me hooked - day after day of excellent 15mm pictures :)

paulalba said...

Nice, I have recently been touching up some of my unfinished Zombies too (ooo errr!!!)