Sunday, December 4, 2011

First Week of December.

Its been a very good week painting and I have achieved a lot, I think I have been doing 3 hours a night apart from Thursday. On Thu I was supposed to go and play 6mm ACW with Hayden but Arabella wouldnt go to bed and the missus was a little frazzled so wargaming went out the window (What is it with Arabella and Wargaming nights !)

On the table this week were a number of items, my first 15mm Prussian Old Glory Unit has been completed and partially based. A battalion of Rhineland Landwher and I have to say Prussians are great painting, simple blue uniforms with minimal lace (Chassuers of the Garde eat your hearts out !).

From another Angle, the Standard is a "Flags for AB" version.

Also on the table are my first Polish unit, the 16th (From memory), they are Old Glory figures again but the Volt\Gren arent very crisp facially. However they have turned out not too bad, though it takes me the same time to paint 3 stands of Poles as it does 6 stands of Prussians.

More angles of the Poles.

Some prep work on the next few units. Next on my, rather large list of things to do is the continuation of my 28mm French repainting surge, I have 2 Front Rank Dragoon units that need deseprate attention (20 years and earthquakes have them in a sorry state) and at the same time I will paint my Perry Dragoons that I have done some test figures for. Add into the mix a 15mm Prussian Uhlan unit and it should be a good week or so of Cavalry. I undercoated the plastics and lancers this morniing with my trusty Dulux Matt Black.
My test figures for repainting my earthquake damaged 28mm Westphalian Army. They will be rebased as part fo this project on bases of four and hopefully will look good again.
And its those bloody Cuirrassiers again, glued to their base and just need a Standard and some earth\greenery. My fourth 15mm AB unit in 4 months and I still have 4 to go (Do I really need 12 Cavalry units - YES !) as I plan todo some refights.
And their big brother, my 28mm Cuirassier unit, the 4th if memory recalls. 20 years old now and not looking too bad though the broken sabres will need some attention at some point. All I need to do on these is add some gold\brass highlight. There is nothing like seeing a 28mm Heavy Cavalry unit, they are BIG !.


Rodger said...

They are all looking very very nice Paul. You have been a busy man.

Archduke Piccolo said...

Looking pretty good! If there is one criticism I have of Minifigs is that their cavalry horses are a bit on the scrawny side. Your horsemen will dwarf my guys, fond of them as I am.

As for 12 cavalry units; none too many at all (my French now have 12 as well; my Austrians not so well served in this arm)...


Jacko said...

Thanks for the comments.

Yes the Front Rank are big figures, my only gripe with them is that the faces are almost always the same. I guess its why I favour the OG\Redoubt figures now as they have such variety !.


paulalba said...

Nie work jacko,
That is a good amount of figures in a short time.
Well done!!! Wish I could say the same.