Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Snowy Days


Not much has happened here apart from illness and generous dumpings of snow. I had a cold, which then due to an autoimmune disorder I have turned into a chest infection, and then returned as some kind of Sinus infection. As for the snow Sunday night we had about 6 inches, and then another 4 or so Monday night and round here it locked us in. The joys of having a 50m driveway, half of it uphill. I have 99% finished the Guard Chasseurs and am about 60% through the 2nd Hussars, and by jesus they look good (If I do say so myself :0).

I have spent most of my time looking into Solo Wargaming and solo wargame campaigns in 15mm. I have purchased Sharp Practice skirmish Rules and The Sword and the Flame Sudan rules for the games. I have also spent several days researching various solo tools for campiagns, maps and inspiration. The result of this will be two solo projects for my forces, 1 being a 18th Century Possible French Indian War\America's\Imagination campiagn and a Sudan campaign based on Steve Winters fabulous (and simple campaign system) http://home.comcast.net/~theangle/FireSwrd/FireSword.htm.

I did have some 25mm Sudan figures el cheapo from a contact in the States , but I sold them as realistically I would never get to game with them. I dpo however have 15mm SYW figures floating about, aswell as a tonne of 15mm Nappies and Indians. However at least in 15mm I can have some small games on the Kitchen table by myself. I have always dabbled in Skirmish 15/25mm games since I was a teen as I like the scenario side of things. I have read through Sharp Practice and quite like them, the whole big man thing fits my plot quite well.

Anyway more to come.

The house this morning.

It was up to the top of my wellies most of the way around the house.

Monday Nights Deposit.

Now lucky for me having spent so much time in the UK, Himilayas and other cold snowyplaces that digging the driveway out was an breeze.


Rodger said...

HaHa, looks like my place. Spent most of the day getting snow off the roof and off the driveway.

Archduke Piccolo said...

I seem to recognise those dudes on your heading banner. :) Meanwhile, having taken several photos of the July dump, one of which fetched up on my blogspot, I took some movies of this one. Man, it was cold, but! We just hunkered down and waited it out...

Jacko said...

Yes, I was playing around with some images trying to make a banner :).

We still have some snow her slowly melting away but most of it has gone now !

Archduke Piccolo said...

Awww. You've gone and changed it! I rather liked the other photo: very nice picture. But I can uderstand you wanted your own figures to adorn your blogspot .

But what better reward for the troops who did their nation proud at the recent combat in Southern Spain?

Speaking of which, I do hope we can soon bring those pusillanimous Portuguese poltroons and those egregious English egotists to battle soon...